ADELINE is an integrated lighting design computer tool developed by an international research team within the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Heating and Cooling Programme Task 12.

ADELINE provides architects and engineers with accurate information about behaviour and the performance of indoor lighting systems. Both natural and electrical lighting problems can be solved, in simple rooms or the most complex spaces.

ADELINE produces innovative and reliable lighting design results by processing a variety of data (including: geometric, photometric, climatic, optic and human response) to perform light simulations and to produce comprehensive numeric and graphic information.

ADELINE contains SCRIBE-MODELLER as CAD interface, the (day-)lighting tools SUPERLITE and RADIANCE and the link to energy simulation tools using SUPERLINK or RADLINK.

ADELINE Version 3 is now available. It runs on PCs under Windows 95/NT. (The version 2.0 for PCs under DOS is still available).

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